Hither Green

2015. 2:28 min three-channel loop with synchronized video and audio. 

Installation at Media Net's Flux Gallery as part of the 2015 Antimattter Film Festival

Exhibition text written by Nicholas Poole:

"Thus we find ourselves saturated within that familiar gaze of the omniscient observer, occupying the position of the detached “spectator,” looking down at the partially located actors, the peculiar uniformity of their dwellings, the wanderings of our nonhuman denizens, the steady and assured movements of capital: the serene repetition of the everyday.  Here, the composition of Hither Green affects a formal indifference of vantage-point in sympathy with the startling indifference of the repeated: the mutual standing of things as substitutable objects in the horizon, condemned to recur ad infinitum to the tones of Westminster and the comforting promise that everything is indeed “all clear, all clear."